Bring out those bustiers!
Black. Lace. Sheer. It is not limited to lingerie though – remember anything that makes you feel sexy is what you want to bring to your Boudoir Photo shoot! Sometimes it is an old T-shirt with sentimental value, or a certain pair of heels that he loves. Or even his teams t-shirt. We all have the things that give us that warm feeling.
One idea that we had at a boudoir photo shoot was a football referee outfit, now that was cute and smokin’ hot! And it made it even hotter because our client was so in tune with her husband and his likes that she knew it would make him go crazy! And the end report was, that it did! So that was a touchdown!
Most important is, if there is something you feel might make you feel embarrassed do not even worry about it, we don’t judge! We have been doing this for a while and whatever he loves is fine with us.

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