Specializing in Boudoir Photography since 2007 We are the original Babydoll Pinups! Classic beauty with a modern twist! We like to remind women how beautiful they really are because we all forget sometimes. The thought of boudoir can be very exciting yet scary for most. You see shoots of boudoir photography on our website, and guess what? They’re also real women.

While I do photograph women of all shapes and sizes, the fundamental difference is that these women walk into the shoot knowing what they look like, LOVING what they look like, accepting what they look like and want to walk out looking just like themselves, only a better version. Boudoir photography is not about Photoshopping you to look like a super model or a professional actress that spends hours a day on her looks. It is about you and what is beautiful about YOU! You will enjoy your experience more if you you understand that what we do is accentuate the positive with lighting and posing. We have been doing this since 2007 and have found that this is the “magic formula”.

It’s okay to need a little time to work on your self confidence. The media is full of sex symbols and what society accepts as being beautiful and that is a constant reminder that we may not be good enough as is. But you are! Put it on your bucket list, no one says you have to do it TODAY. Make it a fun goal to work towards and then reward yourself. It will be so worth it when you get your pictures back and you see how your loved ones see you. It will open up your eyes to how beautiful you really are!

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