When preparing for your shoot, choose clothes or underwear that flatters your figure and you can feel comfortable and beautiful in. High heels can also help to lengthen your legs and give you a natural bottom lift. Modeling in a boudoir shoot is an opportunity to celebrate your body, no matter what shape or size you are. It does not matter what size or age  you are we want to shoot you! Use a variety of poses until you are comfortable! Have fun because you are going to cherish these pictures forever!

1) Look confidently into the lens of the camera to create a strong, sexy image. Narrow your eyes rather than opening them wide to create a sensuous expression. Alternatively look away to the side, slightly downward or close your eyes to give your photographs an air of mystery. This is an ideal pose if you are feeling nervous or insecure.
2) We Use the lighting to your advantage. We hide any part of your body that you don’t like by facing it away from the main light. With our boudoir photographs we use shadow to accentuate curves of the body and to create a soft, sensuous affects and moods. This can also be helpful as it means that any part of your body that is turned away from the light will be lost in shadow. Use the light to enhance the parts of your body that you like.
3) Pose in a standing position with your back arched to emphasize the curves of your body and to flatten your stomach. Roll your shoulders back as far as you can go and down to accentuate your breasts. Give yourself a natural breast lift and create some interesting shapes with your body by raising your arms over your head or playing with your hair. This may not feel natural at the time but the end result is what matters and you will love it. Remember, with boudoir photos everything is exaggerated!

For more poses to practice before your photo shoot please look through out our portfolio!

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