What is the cost?
Packages start at $275.00.

What are my photographers like?
We are boudoir photographers and we absolutely love our jobs! We have 20 years of combined photography experience and with us you get brains and beauty. By that I mean technical and creative!
I get to work with my awesome hubby and I get the honor of reminding women how BEAUTIFUL they really are everyday! But I can not tell you how many times we have had a photo shoot with a gorgeous women who could not or rather would not see their true beauty at all. Then after the shoot and she has seen her photos she walks out of here with a new look of confidence that really stays with her! I love photographing people and then they “see the light” about how the world really sees them. It can be a life changing experience. Its not about photo shop its about angles and posing and lighting, if a photographer has that down they really know how to strut their stuff and that we do!

I am not a 21 year old model. Do you shoot women of all ages?
We specialize in making every women look beautiful and sexy in her photos. That’s our job. It does not matter what size you are, how old you are, or what concerns you may have. We will bring out your true beauty! We like to remind women how beautiful they are everyday! Even super models need help here and there.Oh and FYI you don’t have to be a size 4 to do this (I am not a size 4). You just have to be able to trust us to make you look amazing! And we will!

Will my photos be retouched?
Absolutely! Digitally retouching the images adds a bit of magic to them. Retouching not only enhances your beauty but also reduces imperfections in the picture. We do not believe in HEAVY retouching. We want the real YOU to shine through. Also please remember we are capable of doing magic with lighting and knowing exactly how to pose so that is a wonderful tool as well!

How long before I will receive the prints from my shoot?
We do all of our photo retouching our self. This process takes approximately one to two weeks for us to complete digital retouching.

Can I do my own makeup?
Absolutely! After all you know what looks best on you! However, there is an art to applying makeup for photos, we know what works and what does not. We have a ke-up artist that we work with that is amazing! One thing that DOES work well are false lashes. We highly recommend false lashes for your shoot.

Will anyone else see my photos?
Absolutely not! Your privacy is most important to us. We want to make your experience amazing! Photos meant to be for that special someone only will be seen by that special someone only! All photos shown on our website were posted with written permission from each client.

Do you provide outfits for my shoot?
We do not provide wardrobe. We do have a lot of fun props which is a great part of my job! I have flowers for hair thigh high nylons, garters and a ton of four inch heels! I have roller skates and I even have a mink stole!

You use the term “Looks”. What do you mean by that?
Looks can be defined as outfit changes. The amount of outfit changes will be determined based on which package you choose and the length of time we have devoted to your session. We will then allocate a certain amount of time towards each outfit you are to be photographed in.

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