What better time to glam up your eyes than for a special photo shoot? Very few women sport false eyelashes on a regular basis, which makes wearing them for a special photo shoot just that more special. If you’ve been blessed with naturally long lush lashes, then congratulations, you can skip this step. But for most of us, the daily abuse of mascara, and mascara removal, can leave our lashes looking a little less than lovely. Who doesn’t love the long, lush lashed look?

There are several types of lashes at your disposal. Some are applied to the lash line in clusters for maximum control of placement and effect. Others are strips that create a more uniform appearance. To see if you like the way you look in these lash enhancers, test drive a variety of them several weeks before your nuptials. Follow the packages’ instructions for gluing your lashes on, then once the glue has dried, curl your natural lashes and the new additions together to blend them. Save mascara and eyeliner application until after you have your falsies right where you want them.We work with amazing makeup artist named Erica Rei of Make up Fanatic and she has the magic touch when applying false lashes!

It’s the truth! Falsies can make you look fabulous!

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