What better time to glam up your eyes than for a special photo shoot? Very few women sport false eyelashes on a regular basis, which makes wearing them for a special photo shoot just that more special. If you’ve been blessed with naturally long lush lashes, then congratulations, you can skip this step. But for most of us, the daily abuse of mascara, and mascara removal, can leave our lashes looking a little less than lovely. Who doesn’t love the long, lush lashed look?

There are several types of lashes at your disposal. Some are applied to the lash line in clusters for maximum control of placement and effect. Others are strips that create a more uniform appearance. To see if you like the way you look in these lash enhancers, test drive a variety of them several weeks before your nuptials. Follow the packages’ instructions for gluing your lashes on, then once the glue has dried, curl your natural lashes and the new additions together to blend them. Save mascara and eyeliner application until after you have your falsies right where you want them.We work with amazing makeup artist named Erica Rei of Make up Fanatic and she has the magic touch when applying false lashes!

It’s the truth! Falsies can make you look fabulous!

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Should I bring anyone along to my boudoir photo shoot?
Though you don’t want to turn your photo shoot into a three-ring circus, it’s a good idea to bring a close friend. Why? You’ll feel more at ease if you can make a few jokes with a pal, plus she may be able to help with suggestions of outfits and accessories. Another idea: Bring a bottle of bubbly. A little champagne may help loosen things up. You’ll be posing like a pro in no time — but of course, this is a one-time-only exclusive for a very special audience (your very lucky groom). Unless you totally love it and come back for a glamorous photo shoot every six months!


We recently had the opportunity to have an amazing boudoir photo shoot with a local body builder! To state the obvious she is in extraordinary shape and we got to really show it off! I was thrilled when she said I could use some of her photos. Yes, thank you! Here is just a few!


Loved shooting The amazing Miss E. Well, she is an angel and a true cowgirl! Victoria’s Secret Angels are the stuff of fantasies. Now any woman can become one of these angels for their boudoir photo session. Pink is her color and she wears it oh so well!  Pin up photography is one of our specialties and we love see what we can come up with that really stands out! To book your boudoir photo shoot just give me a call 602-330-1495!cowgirl photo shoot

I am in awe of this lovely lady! I get a lot of questions about age and the dynamics of doing a boudoir photo shoot. Well on that note, let my show you Miss M.! First thing she told me was I can post her photos and I just wanted to kiss her! Like I always say we don’t show most of our best work because well, it’s a very private photo shoot and we protect your privacy. Every now and then we get awesome ladies like this in front of our camera! She is in her 50′s and looks amazingly hot! She really inspired me not only was she beautiful but also great personality and an amazing wife! If you have questions or would like to book a photo shoot give me a ring at 602-330-1495.

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Specializing in boudoir photography for well over 6 years now. We actually started as a glamour and commercial photographers and found a great niche in Pin up Photography. We mastered the art of pin up and boudoir posing for photo shoots tailored to our clients needs. For example how to hide spots that we are all self-conscious about! We learned how to make women look like modern day Vixens with a touch of vintage!


Seeing Red

Today I am excited to feature the spicy and beautiful Ms. A on our blog! She is a trainer and it shows in her posing and physic. We had so much fun shooting her! At first she was a little shy (which is normal) then as she became more comfortable everything fell into place so perfectly. Makeup was done by the amazing Erica at  Makeup Fanatic !

First, we shot a few inside and the we moved outside for a an underwater photo shoot. Here is a peek at the inside results! Under water photos are on the way!

When preparing for your shoot, choose clothes or underwear that flatters your figure and you can feel comfortable and beautiful in. High heels can also help to lengthen your legs and give you a natural bottom lift. Modeling in a boudoir shoot is an opportunity to celebrate your body, no matter what shape or size you are. It does not matter what size or age  you are we want to shoot you! Use a variety of poses until you are comfortable! Have fun because you are going to cherish these pictures forever!

1) Look confidently into the lens of the camera to create a strong, sexy image. Narrow your eyes rather than opening them wide to create a sensuous expression. Alternatively look away to the side, slightly downward or close your eyes to give your photographs an air of mystery. This is an ideal pose if you are feeling nervous or insecure.
2) We Use the lighting to your advantage. We hide any part of your body that you don’t like by facing it away from the main light. With our boudoir photographs we use shadow to accentuate curves of the body and to create a soft, sensuous affects and moods. This can also be helpful as it means that any part of your body that is turned away from the light will be lost in shadow. Use the light to enhance the parts of your body that you like.
3) Pose in a standing position with your back arched to emphasize the curves of your body and to flatten your stomach. Roll your shoulders back as far as you can go and down to accentuate your breasts. Give yourself a natural breast lift and create some interesting shapes with your body by raising your arms over your head or playing with your hair. This may not feel natural at the time but the end result is what matters and you will love it. Remember, with boudoir photos everything is exaggerated!

For more poses to practice before your photo shoot please look through out our portfolio!


There are many types of model portfolios, but all have one thing in common.  You need some great images in your portfolio and zed card to get work as a model. It is also best to get signed with a modeling agency as soon as you can. For example, The Agency.  And remember, your book is vital to your modeling career. Your Phoenix portfolio photographer will get some looks together and with the creative director that will get potential clients to take a second look.

Your Book and zed card needs to have a variety of  shots and one great headshot.  It needs to show that you are versatile, that you can pull off more than one look. You need to show a range of expression and versatility.  During our photo shoot consultation we can review ideas and see how you see yourself.  Then,  we can create a basis for your modeling  portfolio.

Specializing in Boudoir Photography since 2007 We are the original Babydoll Pinups! Classic beauty with a modern twist! We like to remind women how beautiful they really are because we all forget sometimes. The thought of boudoir can be very exciting yet scary for most. You see shoots of boudoir photography on our website, and guess what? They’re also real women.

While I do photograph women of all shapes and sizes, the fundamental difference is that these women walk into the shoot knowing what they look like, LOVING what they look like, accepting what they look like and want to walk out looking just like themselves, only a better version. Boudoir photography is not about Photoshopping you to look like a super model or a professional actress that spends hours a day on her looks. It is about you and what is beautiful about YOU! You will enjoy your experience more if you you understand that what we do is accentuate the positive with lighting and posing. We have been doing this since 2007 and have found that this is the “magic formula”.

It’s okay to need a little time to work on your self confidence. The media is full of sex symbols and what society accepts as being beautiful and that is a constant reminder that we may not be good enough as is. But you are! Put it on your bucket list, no one says you have to do it TODAY. Make it a fun goal to work towards and then reward yourself. It will be so worth it when you get your pictures back and you see how your loved ones see you. It will open up your eyes to how beautiful you really are!

Bring out those bustiers!
Black. Lace. Sheer. It is not limited to lingerie though – remember anything that makes you feel sexy is what you want to bring to your Boudoir Photo shoot! Sometimes it is an old T-shirt with sentimental value, or a certain pair of heels that he loves. Or even his teams t-shirt. We all have the things that give us that warm feeling.
One idea that we had at a boudoir photo shoot was a football referee outfit, now that was cute and smokin’ hot! And it made it even hotter because our client was so in tune with her husband and his likes that she knew it would make him go crazy! And the end report was, that it did! So that was a touchdown!
Most important is, if there is something you feel might make you feel embarrassed do not even worry about it, we don’t judge! We have been doing this for a while and whatever he loves is fine with us.